Wednesday 21 May 2008

Apron and tablecloth

Today I finally finished this apron I promised to make for Kaija's birthday in April. It will look a lot nicer on her. The narrow stripes hurt your eyes only in the photo, not is real life. I'm in disguise here wearing a navy striped T-shirt; I really never wear blue. Well, almost never. Six years ago I bought a light blue linen blouse.

The DNP tablecloth has a binding now, but has not yet been ironed. I think I can count 2.4 m fabric used for the tablecloth (top, flannel and backing), and 0.9 m for the apron. I must make a bookkeeping system for my fabric diet!

Yesterday I also started a new project. My sister Maija e-mailed me about a competition in a Finnish women's magazine. They want ideas for shopping bags of recycled material, and you only need to send pictures and instructions there by the end of this month, not the actual bags. I already made one bag today, but I think I'll make an improvement to it before taking a photo. I have lots of ideas and recyclable/recycled material waiting. This will keep me busy for some time now, but I will not show my bags before the deadline. Who knows, there may be spies reading my blog and they could develop my ideas further and win the whole competition ;0).


  1. What a lovely apron, what a lucky girl!!

  2. That is a very cute apron!

    And I agree about keeping the bag pictures and pattern secret until the competition is over. I'm really looking forward to seeing your bags though. These are things that I need to make! So many things to make and so little time it seems.

  3. You are my first international blog commenter! WOW! Thanks for commenting. If you get a large square ruler, you will absolutely love it. I don't think I could quilt without one. PS: Your apron is a real cutie.


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