Saturday 31 May 2008

Hot air

It has been very hot today, and I'm not very comforable with that. Seems to be age related, I used to enjoy the warmth and the sun. Now I mostly feel swollen and tired when it is too warm. I have been enjoying my new book I bought from Etsy here.

I wanted to show another picture too, but blogger only saved it lying on one side and not the way I wanted. The book is full of cute little projects, and the only words I can read are "Bag" on the front cover and "Bag" on the back cover. I will start something from this book when I have finished some WIF and have some free time to use on fun.

Last night, when I was playing patience on the computer because I had no internet connection, I heard a very loud noise from above (I'm on the top floor, under a tin roof). I recognized that sound from a couple of years ago and went to the window. The balloon on the right had just gone over our house. When I got out I saw that there were three of them, looking like they were going to land on the fields behind the woods.

It looked as if they were almost at the treetops, we could clearly see the people standing in the basket, and the flames which came with the noise, when they wanted to go a little higher. The weather was very nice for a flight like that.


  1. Hi Ulla. I think it would be perfect to be in a hot air balloon in this weather( I dont like the heat at all and it is too hot here today)But somehow I think I would be afraid, I also think you get less brave as you get older. Your japanese book is lovely, I have two similar ones and I am always entranced by the illustrations on the pattern pages.

  2. Lycka till med dina nya projekt. Det skall bli kul att se något från boken.
    Här är varmt också (30 grader) och jag går till uteduschen hela tiden.
    Ha en skön söndag.

  3. Wow.. I love those Japanese books too. Hope you can figure out how to make one of those adorable bags.

    Those hot air balloons are gorgeous!

    Heat does not agree with me either. Hope you can get cooled off somehow.


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