Tuesday 3 June 2008

Green grocery bags

These are the bags I made for the competition of Kotiliesi women's magazine. Or to be exact, the first one was made some years ago for a recycling exhibition. One pair of trousers, one pyjama bottom (black) and two T-shirts (brown and yellow), and a little piece of a green T-shirt.

This used to be my nightgown:

This was a men's shirt, the bag's name is Melka:

And this was a young man's summer shirt with low set pockets, from H&M. The bag is called Mauritz.

I have machine stitched the button lists so that no shopping will drop out between the buttons. The last three bags are all small enough to keep in a handbag or even a jacket pocket. But also big enough for some shopping: I packed the bags with a 4 roll package of toilet paper and a 1.5 litre bottle when I took the photos.
There is no news about the competition yet, it was maybe more just a challenge to give ideas. I hope many people have taken the challenge and there will be less plastic bags on the dump!


  1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you win!

  2. Those certainly are some winning entries!
    My favorite is the Mauritz bag!!!

    I am going to the grocery store today and you have inspired me to actually remember to take my own bags with me this time;) I always seem to forget them!

  3. Those are lovely!
    I remember when I first learned how to sew (my father taught me) I made a little red bag out of a pair of sorts that I ripped on the slide at school!

  4. I love the Mauritz bag! It is really so original, I do hope you will win!
    Great ideas!

  5. Ulla, these are very very clever! Great idea to use the shirts.. and I really love how you hooked the sunflower design. SO pretty!

  6. What great bags. I especially like the Mauritz bag... It's great when you can recycle old clothes into something new.

  7. I loved moomintrolls too! my favourite one was when the comet comes, I used to copy the description of the dragon down in my notebooks at school! And when I was camping this year, I met a finnish girl and told her that I love Tove Jansson and she laughed and said she didn't know that we had moomintrolls in Australia!

  8. Så lycklig du är som kan forma tyg till så fina användbara saker. Jag kan inte sy alls. Tro det eller ej. Men jag är en hejare på att montera mina miniquiltar!
    Jag tror det har med fallenhet att göra, att man tycker det är kul. Jag tycker dina väskor var jättefina.

  9. I love the bags made from shirts!! Go refashioning and recycling! Wonderful!

  10. I love these!!! What a fantastic and fun way to recycle old clothing AND make less plastic bag landfill!!!


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