Saturday, 14 June 2008

You Make My Day

I have received this award from Suzie, the sweet Littlebusybee in Germany. I am honoured and glad, and like before, I feel puzzled when I have to face the problem of choosing five blogs that make my day.

Therefore I will not give any names. I think of groups of bloggers that make my day, and you can copy the picture and give it forward in your blog if you feel like it. At the moment the most thrilling group is the growing group of Eileen's and mine Summer Stash Challenge. It is exciting to come to the computer and see if anyone has joined in since the last time I looked. Then there is the group of artistic bloggers who nourish my soul. And the group of crafty people whose energy and ideas I admire. And last but not least a new group I just recognized when I mis-spelled "artistic": the arthritic bloggers who may not all have arthitis like I have but are of a more mature age and make me instantly understand what they mean because we share so many experienses, having lived a little longer than most of the bloggers. You all make my day!


  1. That was such a kind thing that you said in this post. It is like picking your 5 favorite friends. Don't each one of the people in your life bring something different.

    I know that each of my children at different times has asked me if I love them as much as the others.. How is it that you explain to them that you have enough love for them all? How is it that you explain it to your own self?

    That is the beauty of our hearts. Sometimes it is even more than I know how to handle.. Oh, geez, there I go again, getting all teared up...

    Loved this post.. Kayce

  2. Congratulations!! Your blog is lovely!!


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