Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Good day in the City

Yesterday I had my day off and I went to Helsinki with my husband. We had a nice shopping day and luckily even escaped the heavy rain by having tea at the right time. First we went to a quilt shop and I bought two new rulers. DH found some nice threads for his fly-tying, and for both of us we got a two-bladed stitching template knife. After our first coffee-shop stop we had the strength to do some book shopping, some Lettraset felt tip pens for him and two books for each of us.

On our way back to the train we popped in to a sewing shop and I got the little zipper for my softie project, some floss for my secret PIF project and for his fly-tying, and the most tempting brochure of a dream sewing machine. LOOK: no fabric bought! It is a blessing my DH shares my interest in books, and he always can find cool tools and materials in "my" shops. However, I would never go shopping for clothes with him. This way we both can enjoy our day in the big city.

Then I of course had to try how practical my new ruler is on the pieces for my stash challenge quilt. These are just the first fabrics I have been cutting. I really shouldn't spend my morning sitting here, reading blogs and writing on my own. There is lunch to be cooked and fabrics to be cut!

Eileen has made us a logo for the Summer Stash Challenge. You are welcome to join us in this, the rules are very open and it really is just to help us start and finish a quilt using materials from our stash instead of buying piles of new. You can read the rules and sign in on Eileens blog!


  1. Good luck with the challenge! I think it´s a good thing to do! Not buing new fabric, we have already a lot, haven´t we??
    Have a nice summer, Ulla!

  2. It is really looking good already!

    What a fun day in town. Of course the coffee stops very give us our needed energy. I agree with you about clothes shopping with hubby though. Books and gadgets.. that is much easier.

    Those are very nice rulers.

  3. Count me in. I posted on my blog about the stash challenge we had several years ago at our quilt group. It was great. I'm excited to start.

  4. Hi Ulla! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You'll find the patterns in Patchwork Magazine # 3 and 4/2008. We've had a heat wave in the southern parts of the country, not much sewing or blogging for the last weeks, but now we're more or less "back to normal"!! Good luck with the challenge!!

  5. Your day sounded lovely, thats the kind of day I like to have with my husband, and congratulations on resisiting the fabric buying!

  6. Thank you all for your wishes and thank you Lise for the information!
    - These lovely days are rare and we both know to appreciate them!

  7. Det skall bli spännande att se vart din utmaning för dig. Jag följer detta med spänning alltså!


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