Friday, 27 June 2008

Home decorating

Earlier this year I bought an embroidery from Karen, and later she sent me another one as a gift. My flyfishing, flytying DH had two hobby-related pieces of graphics as a Christmas present from our daughter Kaija. It took some time but now all these pieces of art are framed and hanging on the wall.

This place is at the end of the staircase leading upstairs, the only place where you can get close to the wall without moving heavy pieces of furniture. Only here it is possible to see all the delicate details of the embroidery and the engravings. I am very pleased with the result. The three pictures on the left, with black frames, are by my father.

This is all for today,we are having a thunder coming closer as I write this, and I will turn off the computer. My Summer Stash Challenge top is sewn together and ironed. Next I have to go and buy some fabric for the backing, because I have no big pieces in my stash, and no batting. I have not yet decided how I will make the framing and binding.


  1. Ulla, this looks absolutely beautiful. Very very attractive. I like the frames, and that you have both you and your dear hubby's treasures displayed in the same place for everyone to see. Karen's work is exquisite and so original.

  2. Hi Ulla,
    I love what you have done so far with your quilt. I had a similar problem with the backing of the "Ocean Song" one I'm needing to edge. the piece I had was too small so I am making a wide edging which fits properly at the front but is larger at the back. I have seen some people do simple patchworks on the back of their quilts too.

    It's lovely that you have an organised space for beautiful pictures. I've got to sort out which paintings are to go where now we're redecorated and I'm back on my feet.

  3. These look lovely Ulla. I am so happy you are pleased with my embroidery!

  4. what a lovely collection! and your rhubarb tartes in the previous post are absolutely gorgeous!!


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