Wednesday, 18 June 2008

It seems that I'm a very slow starter. I still have not put two pieces together in my summer stash challenge quilt, and Eileen will start hand quilting her quilt today! Luckily she will do it by hand, and I'll do mine by machine, so I'm not too much behind. I just wanted to finish my PIF gifts first, and I sent them off on Monday. That was a lot of blue! And I should perhaps inform my new readers that I still miss one name on my list of three! The gift will not necessarily be anything like the ones I have sent, but it will be hand made by me. Check here for the rules, if you are interested!

I have never before had so many of these dark irises! I have brought them from my mother's garden. Two years ago we worked on this flower bed making it a lot smaller and easier for me to take care of, got rid of some flowers and kept these. The yellow ones are from a little start I once dug up at my parent's place. It was growing in the sand on the little "beach" where I learned to swim. I think the waves had brought the first seeds or roots there.

This is another project I have finished, I sewed the last bit of the binding this morning. This is my whirligiggle children's quilt, and I chose the most orange binding. Is this my way of getting ready to be a grandmother someday? This quilt is for no specific child, I just made it because I wanted to try the pattern and recycle the nightgowns!

Next post will show some progress on my challenge quilt, I promise.


  1. That is just so so pretty and feminine.. your whirligig quilt.

    And Ha! You just wait and see how fast I go. :) I have other things to get to this summer too!

  2. That is a beautiful quilt- I'd never heard of that pattern- I've only been patchworking for a year and don't get out much LOL.

    The irises are beautiful. I love the purple shades they come in.

    I've literally just finished my first stash challenge (began just over a year ago)- will blog it tomorrow when the light is better for photos. I am so so pleased you and Eileen started this. I needed a kick to finish the final square of hand sewn octagons. thank you.

  3. Great quilt and love those iris!! I am still thinking about what I am doing for the stash's going to be fun!!!


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