Friday, 13 June 2008

My new uniform

When I start working, I usually put my apron on. I work at home, and there are days when I wear my apron all day except when I eat. My youngest child used to say "Put your apron on!" when we came home, it made him feel safe knowing I'm not going anywhere but stay with him. Putting on lipstick on the other hand meant going shopping, which he also enjoyed unlike many more mature men. It is nice to start a new project wearing a new apron, and therefore I finally took some time with the sewing machine and made this ready:

This is my new Brownie uniform. I'm a Faraway member of the Brown Owls in Melbourne, and I embroidered the name panel and the faraway panel they sent me, and that's how I earned my first badge, the stitching badge you can see on my sidebar. For the cooking badge I sent a recipe for a cookbook they are making. I'm excited to hear what comes next.

With my uniform ready I'm full of energy and eager to start my Summer Stash Challenge quilt. By now I have about two hundred pieces cut (I'll need about 300). But before I allow myself this fun project, I will quilt and bind the Whirligiggle quilt. I do the quilting by machine and I have about one third done.


  1. Although I do know of many more mature men who enjoy lipstick. :)

    Your aprons is very cool.. AND the badges! What a fun thing. I was never a Brownie, just 4H. But it all looks like so much fun.

  2. Ulla,

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I am just getting started and still have a lot to learn. I was so happy to see that you live in Finland. My step dad was born in Finland and so I have always been interested in the Helsinki area. His name is Arvo Kervinen. Lizzie Swinney

  3. Hi Ulla, I'm on the challenge too so I thought I'd pop in and have a nosey around. Wow you have done so much already!. I have a picture in my head of what mine will look like eventually but I'm still at the very slow hand sewing phase.

    What a fun challenge!

  4. Your uniform looks absolutely wonderful. Excellent job.

  5. i love your apron and the story behind it! so lovely :)


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