Monday, 9 June 2008

Getting ready to start

On Saturday we visited my mother, all six children of hers gathered there for a summer afternoon. It was good to see everyone. We all had brought something to eat, so the table was full of delicious pies and salad and cakes and cookies. The weather was fine, there is always a fresh breeze from the lake and if you prefer shadow the trees will give it. Last night we had a thunder and some rain here, and now the air is breathable again. During the weekend my peonies opened the first flowers, but the rain made them lie on the ground this morning. I will rescue some in a vase.

I noticed my red pieces were all too small for my pattern of my summer stash challenge, so I started searching in some boxes I didn't reach when I started my organizing project eralier this year. (That project has been resting for a while.) And look what I found:

The uncut remains of my After Work quilt shirts and aprons, and lots and lots of other checkered shirts! I could make at least three quilts from these and only buy the backing since there are no big whole pieces of fabric in this stash. Which means that I do have bigger pieces like fabrics my sister P has bought for curtains but not used and they have eneded up in my cellar, too. But they wouldn't look nice with the flannel shirts, and I don't think I'm going to make the backing from pieces, so I most probably will buy something for it. Having a huge stash and many boxes can give you some nice surprises sometimes! It is good to dig everywhere before starting a big project. You never know what treasures you might find.


  1. This is almost the best part of the challnege.. gathering the pieces form our stash and seeing what goes together. :)

    Wow.. your red peonies are gorgeous! I only have white ones. But they smell wonderful. Don't last long here though.. only about a week.

  2. It is nice to see the empty space in the stash boxes, bu I'm afraid a lot of fabric will go back there when I've finished cutting!
    I have three different peonies, this one is the darkest and the lightest red ones will come later.


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