Thursday, 5 June 2008


Yesterday I was busily sewing on this children's quilt top. It was so welcoming to feel again the joy of making just this block and only this one before I hang up the laundry, and then I'll have ten more minutes before I really must start making us lunch. I had the pieces cut last month, and the sewing was such fun. This used to be two nightgowns. I used the top part of the flowery one (a different fabric) for Flannel Kitty's dress. The narrow border here is the ruff of the flowery one, cut on bias. I cut it lengthwise in half to make this border, and there was a 7 cm piece left over when I finished! The quilt is about 120 x 150 cm. This picture was taken last night, the colours are rather blue, but you can see the whirligiggle pattern. I learnt about it during the Sew, Mama, Sew -quilting month in February.

Now I need to decide which binding would make this quilt look less anaemic. The backing will be a pinkish flannel with a children's print.

Alternative A, tile red/orange:

Alternative B, a warm red:

Alternative C, dark red:

And here they are all lined up, the darkest on the right is the one above and not really so dark as here. Because of the light fabric the dark one didn't get enough light, no matter how many pictures I took, with or without flash.

So please, comment and tell me your favourite. You can also make it D, your own suggestion. I might have it in my stash; and if not and I still love the idea, it will give me the perfect excuse to go shopping!


  1. That is how my camera plays tricks too. Dark things placed against white things look almost black. But I can see your colors pretty good. I would probably tend to go with whichever red matches the color in the roses. On my screen they look more orangish.. so I like the first color the best.
    Ulla, you are the queen of recycling!

  2. Thank you, I'll wear my crown with pride!

  3. I think I like the middle one in the last picture best, but this light/photo taking issue is a nuisance isn't it. We have had terrible light here for days.

  4. My vote is for orange:)
    Love that whirligiggle pattern!

  5. Hello Ulla
    And thank you for the t-shirt pattern tip!
    I need to say it is not me who have made the stamps on the picture (I put a note where I took the picture from) I can't take credit for someone elses beautiful crafting, though I would not mind!

    All the best to you!

  6. Your quilt is so lovely! I would go with the mid range color...not to dark nor light.

    And I do love your checks and plaids from the shirts!



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