Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Curiosities of the Finnish grammar

My sister Maija has joined in the Summer Stash Challenge and I showed her quilt here on Sunday. She then commented it and signed "Maijasi", which is Finnish and means "your Maija". We have lots and lots post-positions and possessive suffixes in Finnish, we just keep adding these little parts to words and add to their meaning by doing so. The -si -part in Maija's signature is a possesive suffix for second person singularis, you: your book = kirjasi, your mother = äitisi. My mother is äitini, and our mother is äitimme. Clever, isn't it? Even the small children know it here. So please call her Maija, no matter how she signs her comments.

Here are some new rows I have been arranging on the floor. I don't have a design wall, not even a place where I could dream about having one.

Backing carefully from the middle of the new arrangement I almost had a serious quilting accident. As I stepped backwards, I happened to step on my pincushion. As soon as I felt it was there, I tried to keep all my weight on my toes and almost succeeded. One needle came through the sole of my sandal and pierced my sock and skin, but not very deep. Luckily I was not barefoot! Some of my pins are crooked now, but I'm glad there was no real damage.

It still looks so big when the pieces are not sewn together. It will be a normal size quilt, 150 x 200 cm or a little less. Generous lap size is what I'm aiming at.


  1. Oh!.. sorry! that would have been me that started that.. I called her Maijasi. After your explanation, it really would sound silly to call her that! Sounds so pretty though.
    Your shirt quilt is really coming along beautiful. That is terrible about the pins though. OUCH!! You were probably so engrossed in looking at your quilt.. I can just picture that.

  2. I could spend an eternity arranging those quilt pieces trying to get it right- you have designed this beautifully!
    I would like to add to the collective "ouch" on your pincushion accident:)

  3. I'm glad you did not get seriouly hurt, ouch!!!
    Your shirt quilt is awesome! I like the pattern, it is really a nice one for scraps.
    From now on I will write Maija! It is so interesting to learn things like that about other languages! Thanks for the explanation!

  4. Hej Ulla
    Tittar bara in och ser på Dina fina lappar mm

  5. I love this scrappy quilt! Can't wait to see the finished product. It's looking so good! x

  6. isn't it funny how we learn not to step down. your quilt is progressing nicely. such patience. such a reward.

  7. Ulla, this is beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. Hope your poor feet are o.k!

  8. your quilt is amazing and beautiful! i'm so impressed. i haven't finished one bigger than a doll's quilt yet!

  9. I love your quilt! it's beautiful.


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