Friday, 20 June 2008

Treasure from the seventies

If you are old enough, you may remember how fashionable this collar was. The shirts were also "slimmed" and fitted tightly on the young men, and the older ones too. I noticed this last year when I was making the Melka Twins series of quilts for my sister and brother and cut the old shirts of our late father. He was not a very tall man, and he was slender, just the man for slimmed shirts. This brown shirt belonged to my husband, and he was still wearing it sometimes at the beginning of our marriage. At that time I still loved the colour but I thought the cut was out of date, and I used to put other shirts more available to prevent him from using this. I didn't want to tell him it was oldfashioned, because he doesn't think about matters like that. And that is how I today have the sweetest pieces of brown to use in his quilt!

I have been arranging my pieces to dark and light pairs and sewing them together. I already put some pairs together as well, and ironed the seams to make the arranging easier.

The brown can be seen at the lower edge in the middle, paired with the checkered cream and olive flannel. Last night I spread all my ironed pairs and fours on this dining table and made the preliminary arrangement. It would be nice to know a name for this pattern, so please comment if you know one. I took the pattern from a library book (forgot to copy the name), and it is just titled "Inspiration Quilt or Nancy-Quilt".

My sister Maija has also joined in this challenge. Sincle she has not (yet) a blog of her own, I promised to show her pictures and report her progress here. She is more a weaver and a knitter. A couple of years ago she was staying with me for a couple of days during her visit to Finland, and I introduced her to our sewing group, a roll cutter, ruler and a cutting mat. Without a support group, her quilting career has not yet really started, but I hope this publicity will help her finish her first quilt ever.


  1. That is so funny about hiding your husband's shirt. And it IS the perfect brown. Guess where I got my blue one?.. The same way! It was still fashionable, but had a stain on the front that he probably never noticed.

    Your patches are looking GREAT! I love all those colors. This will be so pretty.

    Can't wait to see Maija is working on too.

  2. thanks for a peek at your progress. you have chosen a sweet pattern. i'm sure it is called Tumbler. & that's my favorite brown too. it's looking very comfy.

  3. Hi Ulla. All those shirt pieces look lovely. Happy midsummer!

  4. It looks beautiful and I love the idea of using old shirts to make a quilt. Can't wait to see it when you've finished.


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