Sunday 22 June 2008

Maija's quilt for summer stash challenge

My sister Maija has joined our challenge with her black and white quilt. She has not yet started blogging, so I will show her progress here. This is very suitable for me, because my project keeps looking the same all the time. I somehow managed to mix pairs and pieces in my calculations and only cut about half the amount of pieces I really needed for my tumbler quilt! Therefore I have been cutting and ironing some more, and as I took some new old shirts to play with, I need to rearrange the rows I have sewn so far and mix the new rows and new fabrics among the old ones. Challenging, isn't it?

Here are some fabrics from Maija's stash which she will be using for her blocks:

And this will be the backing:

She has started this quilt in 2006 I think. That is when I showed her how to work with the cutting mat, ruler and cutting wheel, she bought her own kit and these fabrics. With the help of this challenge group she will have the quilt finished by August, don't you think?

Eight rows of seven blocks already there. I would turn the row on the left around so there would not be dark blocks and light blocks next to one another in two rows, or move it to be furthest on the right. Just a suggestion. I'm the little sister, no need to take my advice.


  1. Hi Ulla, lovely that both of you are working on the same challenge. I like your idea of re-cycling clothes into quilts. A friend used her husband's worn shirts to create a cot quilt for her baby.

    My sewing is at a halt until the lounge is fully decorated. :-(

  2. Hei Ulla and thank for your helping hand and mind. You are right, even you are the little sister, I already changed the row!

  3. Maijasi, I think your name is as pretty as your quilt! This is going to really be beautiful.. you don't usually think of black and white hearts, but it works!!
    I'm so glad you are joining all of us in this challenge.

  4. Isn't it interesting, I'm also the little sister and I showed my big sis quite some years ago how to patch, I even gave her all the tools (cutter, rulers, cutting matt and so on)because I hoped she would get "hooked". But she didn't...She prefers to get them done from me as gifts! :o)))
    Welcome Maijasi! Hope you have fun with the challenge! Quilts with hearts are always beautiful!
    Thanks for your kind words, Ulla. I'm doing fine now.


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