Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Girl Scouts and Brownies

At the moment I'm doomed to survive without my husband's digital camera until next Sunday, so I'll have to manage with to pictures taken before today. This one certainly was:

When I was very young, I was a girl scout like my elder sister and my both brothers. I'm the little one in the picture and the twins are in the middle. Scouts still have a Scout Week in April, with a parade and all. Years ago scouts used to wear the uniform at school during that week, even I did. The girls had blue dresses and the boys brown shirts. This reminds me of one of my earliest exciting childhood memories that I really remember myself and not because someone told about it, because I was there alone: I was five or six years old and on my way home from the kindergarten/play club at the vicarage. It was April just like now, the snow was gone and I wanted to make a short-cut across a field. The field was rather wet and muddy, and suddenly I was stuck up to my ankles in my little wellingtons in the mud. I couldn't move my feet. I was getting worried and most probably I was crying. I was all alone in the world. I couldn't see anyone. The clay and mud were cold. I was supposed to go straight home, and I was late. Then I saw two people, a boy scout and a girl scout in their uniforms, and they came to rescue me. The big boy lifted me up from my wellies and carried me to the dry road, and the big girl got my wellies from the mud and cleaned them a little in a ditch, and they walked with me a bit to see that I get home all right. Happy End.

Maybe this nice memory was one of the reasons why I joined the Brownies in Melbourne (sic!) as a faraway member. I must be the most faraway member, because we have 11 time zones between us! Anyway, their plans seemed like such fun to me, and now I have embroidered my name panel they sent me:

I'm very glad I can make anything to be my uniform, and so I decided to sew me a new brown apron, and then I'll sew this panel on it. I never liked the blue dress uniform when I was a girl scout. This time I shall like everything!

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  1. you were so cute! And I loved this story. :)


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