Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Good girl!

Before ... and after

Notice how the shadows of the trees have changed.

I feel like a hero today. I have been doing my least favourite household chore, cleaning the windows. Well, not all of them, but four out of nine. And if you look at the next picture, you can understand why this is not a child's play:

We have triple glazing and all six surfaces need to be washed. In this window it makes 18, and in the smaller ones 12. I cleaned two small ones, this one and one with 10 surfaces. The balcony door has a different glazing. Now my daughter's old room is fresh for her to come and sleep here after the concert on Thursday. And I have lots of sunlight in my office corner. The pictures are from this room. The black giant bird in the first picture was one of the flies between the window panes. The next thing to do is a lot nicer: I'll go and iron fresh curtains for two of these windows. And a lot of shirts and trousers, too. And after that I can allow myself a new project. I'll think about it when ironing, but I think it will be two things. One includes embroidery and one bags.


  1. Hej där "blogg-hero"
    Så fint du har det utanför dina nyputsade fönster.
    Nu kan du kolla på flickr där har jag lagt ut lite bilder på följande http://www.flickr.com/photos/25498274@N04/
    Det är spännande med flickr, kan du tro

  2. Dear Ulla

    Now you can announce your Pay it forward .I have you in my now.Wellcome.
    Have a nice day

  3. We are clever - aren't we?? I have 14 triple glazing windows - and some only double, but I have started and it looks good in that part of the house!! I'd rather do the garden work - and I do!!


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