Monday, 21 April 2008

Pinwheel quilt and green thoughts

This is the pinwheel baby quilt with the checkered binding you voted for a while ago. I sat and waited for my father-in-law when he was having his feet seen to; and watched one episode of Heartbeat to finish the hand sewing part. The light blue shirts are not all the same colour, but when re-using material this can be accepted. (British series with village life and old times are my favourite.) Notice the little flowers, I have never before used embroidery in my quilts. The white squares looked so pale that I tried to cheer them up a little.

I haven't been lazy at all: on Saturday I finally made myself a light shopping bag to be carried with me at all times:

The pattern is a copy of our normal big plastic bags. Today I used it for the first time and carried 5 one litre jars, vegetables, apples, bread, cheese, meat and biscuits. It was very comfortable to carry. I used French seams because the material is synthetic, and I put a green bias binding at the top because a) I had a suitable length available and b) I'm going green with this bag.

It folds this small, and I will make a little pouch from the rest bit between the handles to keep the bag this small in my shoulder bag.


  1. Your baby quilt is adorable. Good idea about the bag, I have bought ones that are 'green' but sadly don't seem to have time to make my own.

  2. great's always good to carry a 'green bag' :)

  3. ha-ha.. I was just looking at the close-up of the little embroidered flowers and was saying to myself.."Lazy-Daisies".. then your next sentence was funny when you said you have note been lazy. :)

    The quilt turned out wonderful! And
    LOVE that green shopping bag.


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