Wednesday 24 June 2009

Bags once again & walks

I have had a productive day or two, and now I can show you the results. This is a new product, a multi-purpose necklace to carry your key card, mobile phone, keys or whatever little thingies people need to carry with them. It is made of a pillowcase from my sister P's paper bag, and some parts I had lying around in the house. The snap lock is there so you can use the keys more easily.

The necklace didn't use up the whole pillowcase, so I made this shopping bag from the rest of it, and still have material for other small projects. The other pillowcase ended up like this but with light blue bias tape. The bag is cut like our grocery store's plastic bags, but you can use this one over and over again, and wash it in the machine if necessary.

Her bedsheet was full of bright flowers, and I made this shopping bag of it.

It was a nice sheet with lace and all, so the top ended being the double bottom of this wider bag, and the lace is still there. There will be a smaller bag with lace, and another without lace like the one above, and still some fabric left for other bags. I try to make them light so they can be folded and carried in the handbag, and used instead of plastic bags from the shops.

You may remember Melanie's lavendel hedge, and Eileen growing her own tiny lavendel from the seeds Melanie sent her? I have always liked lavendel. When I was very young, my mother made small pouches of wide silk ribbon and lace, or of linen decorated with cross stitched flowers, and I filled them with dried lavendel flowers for the school fundraising fair. A while ago the florist next to "my" cafe in Järvenpää closed for the summer holidays and sold the last flowers with 70 % off, and I couldn't resist any longer.

I have my own lavendel plant! It needs a nicer pot to live in, but I love it even so. This will probably be a short relationship, because we don't have the right kind of climate, but I'll try to keep the lavendel alive over winter in the storage shed.

Tomorrow will be my vintage day, so I'll report my Movements today already:

Today's walk to the bank and grocery store brought the last point needed for this third week!


  1. ooo.. what a clever lanyard. I would have NEVER guessed you were making anything like that. And the bags are so lovely! Who else will have lace on their grocery bags??

    I need to tell a story about my lavender..(you call it lavendel.. that is pretty).. it isn't a good one. :-(
    I hope you can keep yours going!

  2. Pretty shopping bags. I need one of those key holder thingies to keep track of keys in my purse or bag! I'm always digging to the bottom.

  3. What a great idea to have a fastening so you can use your keys more easily. In these warm days carrying a whole bag when you are just in the garden is silly, but your strap is excellent.

    Love the bags. At last the idea of cloth bags is catching on up here. Unfortunately I can't see any more Kath Kidson ones only hessian printed ones. I have a set in lilac furnishing cloth which I made that live in the car for our big grocery shop.

  4. Ulla your bags are fantastic, I especially like the one over the chair.

  5. Oh girl - - - you are TALENTED!!!

    As Elieen already said, we call those necklace thingies lanyards over here. I wear one EVERY day of my life at school - - - but never one as "designer" as THAT!!!


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