Friday 12 June 2009

Star Quilt Revealed

Finally the star quilt can be revealed. My brother in law had his 70th birthday this week, and the star quilt was my present for him. I wanted it to be a secret, and all my sisters read this blog so all I could show was little glimpses.

I started sewing the 6" Maverick Stars early this winter, using little shirt scraps left over from last year's Summer Stash Challenge quilt and other projects. The white background is leftover scraps from making rag dolls for Unicef from old bedsheets.

At first I aimed at a top without sashings, like the Bushfire Quilts. That would have required 108 stars. Then I counted how sashings would change the quilt top. 70 stars would make the same size.

What could be more perfect for a 70th birthday! It also meant that I had all the blocks sewn and could even choose which ones to leave out.

I thought dark brown would make the quilt look more masculine, with all the pinks and reds I used for the stars to cheer up the green, brown and blue scraps.

Trying to decide on the frame:

I chose the green and white print on the left.

(Look, I washed my winter curtains after I cleaned the windows in the living room.)

You already know the story about the free motion quilting experiment.

The last phase is always so quick. When the quilting is done, I can't wait to get the binding in place to see how it turned out. Only two nights in front of the TV (Grey's Anatomy and ER) for the hand sewing part.

Here it is, in the early morning sun drying after a visit to the washing machine.

For the first time I used a pieced backing. These are the flannels I bought in Turku while visiting my daughter Kaija.

I even made a label. Blogger turned the picture, and I can't help it.

A final touch with the iron, and there it is all finished. Not perfect, but the best I could do for now.


  1. Its absolutely beautiful Ulla. The brown sashing works perfectly, and it has a great story behind it with the use of the shirts.
    I'm sure he will be absolutely chuffed!

  2. That is so wonderful! The whole story revealed from start to finish. I agree with you, 70 stars for a 70th birthday is perfect. The border and sashing look so good with the stars and perfect for a man.

  3. oh, ulla! your quilt is absolutely wonderful! i love it...the colors, the plaids, the stars, the quilting, the pieced back, everything! congratulations! ☺

  4. Gorgeous. What wonderful gift for a 70th birthday. I love pieced backs and your quilting design is very nice.

  5. Wonderful quilt for a special man. I am sure it will be loved. You did a wonderful job.I love it. Hugs, Marie

  6. It is WONDERFUL. I applaud your decision to use the dark brown sashings. I think they make the stars just POP. I think I would have chosen the reddish color for the frame - - - again for the "pop" of contrast, but the green is quite lovely too.

    And the finished product - - - with 70 blocks for the 70th birthday - - - just simply fabulous!!!

  7. Perfect guy quilt. What a lovely present!

  8. Gorgeous! He's a lucky man!

  9. Well I think it IS perfect. And I love how you folded it for the last picture.. very appealing photo.. could be in a magazine.

    That cheddar you used for some of the star centers really makes it colorful and vintage looking. I just love it.. and so will he. :-)

  10. It's a perfect and beautiful present for your brother-in-law. I'm sure he'll be very surprised and delighted too. You really did a great job. Congratulations. I've to finish my quilt for my mother's birthday end of June, but actually gardening prevents me from sewing ;-) !! It always is a pleasure to visit your blog. Have a good time!

  11. And he does love it! So far he has: been moved to tears after he had the chance to take a good look at it (and I had told him how difficult and time consuming the work has been), said that: "how can somebody do something so touching and thoughtful for ME?", shown it to all our friends and neighbours and told who has made it for him and taken his first nap under it! Thanks dear!
    Big sis P

  12. It's a masterpiece, Ulla! He will so love it - very masculine, indeed!

  13. Your star quilt is fabulous! I'm sure your brother in law loves it! What a precious gift, made from shirts and leftover fabrics! I love that!

  14. I love your stars quilt! Very beautiful. The pieced backing was a unique touch!


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