Tuesday 16 June 2009

Nature's Wonders

Last Saturday we went to close the door for the night and stayed a little while to see the woodcock pair on their usual night flight. It was about half past ten (the camera's clock is showing winter time, if you can see that information here). The sun sets about 15 minutes later and rises just before 4 in the morning. Next week the night will start getting longer again, a couple of minutes every night.

We are facing almost south here, and the sun's last, red rays are reflected on the clouds. There was a wind blowing.

It went dark like this, in a few minutes.

This was the opposite side, where the sun was setting behind the woods.

We watched the first lightning when the thunder started, but I wasn't quick enough to get any pictures.
Sunday night was alto stormy, and this is what happened to one big spruce tree on our land:

A closer look:

This tree had three tops instead of the normal one, and it had rotted where the top first forked to two branches.

There was such a nice little hiding place under the tree. We must cut it down to avoid further damage.

I want to finish with some nice news. We have a swan (Cygnus cygnus) family in one of the ponds in the village. They don't usually nest this far south but fly to the peaceful places in Lapland and other northern corners. They choose their partner for life and also nest in the same place if possible. This couple has five little ones.

Our swans have a straight neck and they don't have the black "knot" on their beaks like the Cygnus olor. They are timid birds and not likely to attack people like the other sort of swans.


  1. Beautiful nature photos. I love the swan family.

  2. Nature is beautiful as well as destructive. I love storms but oh the mess they make. Beautiful sunset.

  3. What a shame with the tree but thankfully it came down without hurting anyone.

    What graceful birds swans are. I always feel priviledged when wild animals let us photograph them.

  4. Wow - this is exactly what happened to the 2 blue spruces at the Squash House a year ago, Ulla! The wind sheared them off mid-way - one landed on the roof and we had to have both removed! Both our mother nature's were having a very bad day! The swans are lovely!


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