Sunday, 7 June 2009

Summer Flowers

Last week we finally went to the garden shop to buy summer flowers. I spent some quality time in 5C or 41F planting the newcomers, and on Saturday night Mr. K had to take all the boxes and pots indoors to protect them from frost.

Blue lobelias and the white one is called snowflake (we had hails on Friday!).

New boxes - because the boxes last year didn't know how to behave.

Mr. K made the hooks for me with his own little hands. Now I can wait for the petunias to grow safely.

This pot is hanging at the kitchen door.

This big box looks a little empty now, but I hope the flowers will soon grow bigger and cover the empty spaces. Or maybe I find something nice to add there.

Today was a little warmer when the sun was out, but coats were needed for mid-morning coffee on the verandah.


  1. Beautiful flowers!!!

  2. The flowers look lovely, now if the boxes and hooks will just behave this year, you're all set.

  3. I'm sure it's thrilling for you to have lots of pretty flowers. You really do have to plant late!

  4. Such pretty flowers - but 41 degrees in June is so cold! Mr. K is quite clever isn't he!

  5. Clever Mr K.. finding a way to make those naughty flowers behave. And they probably don't even know they'll be happier now.. and live a much longer life.

    I'm sure that big flower box will fill up fast. Hopefully not with little weeds that you have to keep pulling though. :-0

    I will try to send some of our heat and humidity your way... it is so sticky here this morning!

  6. Those are so pretty. What a shame about the hail. I hope nothing got damaged. The brackets look so sturdy. I am sure thse planters will know how to behave. :-)


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