Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Rhubarb time is here again

For the easiest ever baking you need a rhubarb stem

some vanilla sauce

and pastry dough.

Use your cheese cutter for nice even slices of rhubarb. I made the pastry smaller this year, it is easier to eat.

I forgot to take a picture of the fine sugar - lots of the finest, powdery kind of sugar.

Bake in 225C oven until they look nice. Use that time to whip the vanilla sauce light and thick.

Serve with coffee or tea, preferably outdoors in the sun, but in front of the TV and F1 races, if required. I prefer outdoors, with birds singing. Use your prettiest jug for the sauce!

This was my way of hiding the fact that I have not finished any sewing to show yet.


  1. Delicious and perfect timing. My son will be 21 on Friday and asked his birthday dessert be a rhubarb crumble. It's a new recipe and I've only worked with rhubarb once. Your dessert looks delicious.

  2. Oh Ulla this looks so yummy. I would love to make it. Thanks for sharing. I am really beind in sewing. Have a beautiful week. Hugs, Marie

  3. I LOVE rhubarb, and this looks really yummy.

    I'm not exactly sure what vanilla cream is - - - is it what I call whipped cream, or is it something entirely different?

  4. I don't think we have vanilla cream here. Unless it's instant pudding?.. but then that would set up too thick to pour from a pretty jug.

    My mother used to make rhubarb pie which was everyone's favorite. But she never told her secret how to make it so good. So even though I use her exact recipe, it never turns out like hers. She had a special ingredient I'm sure. Called "Grandma".
    Your dessert looks so easy and delicious! Is that confectioner's sugar?

    I would choose the birds with you over race cars. :-)

  5. Yumm! Rhubarb is one of my favorites - I love that its ready in the garden before anything else! I've never done this before with rhubarb, but now I'll give it a whirl! Thanks for the recipe, Ulla! And I love the pretty bowl your mixer is in!

  6. Those look delicious Ulla. I wonder if the vanilla sauce is what we would call custard or somethign different? The powdery sugar I think would be icing sugar?

    Here we have rhubarb crumble a lot. On cold days I add a little ginger.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. To anyone still wondering my vocabulary: the vanilla sauce is custard and the sugar is icing/confectioner's sugar. Thank you for helping me out, Eileen and Melanie.


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