Thursday, 11 June 2009

Walking Again with Mike's

Last Thursday I started walking again with Pip, who invited everyone to Move Iit Like Mike. The idea is to take a 20 minutes walk three times a week and report the results on Thursday. Walks can be replaced by running, cleaning vigorously, etc. I kept it to the walking, and kept my eyes open and DH's camera available. The two first walks were on Thursday already, in rain.

Summer is coming. Dandelions are balls of parachutes already, and the Ranúnculus are the next yellow. Two more walks, in cool but dry weather.

Geránium silváticum, and Anthríscus silvéster

Four walks for the first week is not a bad start. Today begins a new week, and I need to earn my moving points, and report next week.


  1. Hei,
    Very interesting. I think I have join the group.... Thanks for the "vink". Haha. Tuo ei taida olla mitään kieltä...

  2. Four walks, that was great! I went to the gym and am really happy about the combination right now. So I do hope I can keep it up, - glad we're in this together.

  3. That is a great idea Ulla, especially in the nicer weather. Isn't it lovely seeing nature wake up after the Winter sleep?


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