Thursday, 25 June 2009

Vintage Thingies 30 - Flowers for the table

Here we are again, digging in my drawers for Thursday fun with Suzanne.

This inspired me to choose this week's show and tell:

Yes, the irises are kind of vintage, too. I brought them many years ago from my mother's garden, where they had been growing as long as I can remember. They were never so beautiful here before.

Here is one of my iris napkins. I have a big dinner tablecloth as well, but it was even more in need of decent ironing, so I will show just this one linen damask napkin. They are made by Tampella Oy, a linen factory in Tampere where I come from. This pattern was designed by Siri Brunou and it was in production from 1903 to 1973. The link is in Finnish only but there are lots of pictures.

The pattern on the tablecloth is naturally bigger. I always use this set when we have big dinners with important guests :-)

This set of placemats is from the late 1960's or early 70's. I have a feeling that my mother started the cross stitch and I finished it while still living at home.

Later my mother made this set for me:

They go on the dinner plate under the soup or starter salad plate (the important guests will understand that immediately, and admire their hostess). They could be coffee cup coasters as well, I think.

This last set of four placemats is what I spent my time with when I was supposed to study for my final high school exams. So much more interesting than Math or History!
The cross stitch patterns are all from the Danish Clara Waever. The package came with linen fabric, DMC embroidery floss and colour chart, and a pattern sheet of course.

This was all for this week, go and check the other blogs on Suzanne's list now.


  1. The iris linen is so unusual. I've seen roses a lot but never irises. LOL the lure of sewing at exam time.

    Lovely as always Ulla. P.S. I'm giving my back a break before re-doing the bathroom.

  2. your irises are lovely as are your table linens :)

  3. Your irises are beautiful and have gotten better with age. Mine are still too young to give me many blooms. Your linens are beautiful too. I hope you passed your exams; you did end up with lovely placemats...That's my kind of studying.

  4. I just love all your iris linens. They are very pretty and your tablecloth is so unusual.

    My grandmother had lots of iris growing along one fence in her backyard. Her favorite flower was the rose, but for some reason, iris always remind me of her. Your flowers in bloom are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful VTT!

  5. The white iris linen is my favorite.

    Irises seem to bloom much better some years than others, but I don't know what causes that..

  6. Love the iris linens..I see such a beautiful table vignette there....
    Your iris are stunning! Happy VTT!

  7. I love the iris linens. They make such a nice touch.

    I've been enjoying your blog. I would love for you to come and visit my blog as well, .

    My 8 year old daughter has her own sewing blog. If you would like to see what she's up to, go to . She is currently learning how to hand sew. In a few weeks she will start learning how machine sew. She is very excited. Her six year old brother is also featured on her blog. He has been sewing right along with us. It's been a lot of fun sharing this with them.



  8. I sure would love to be invited to your home for dinner! I've never seen an iris tablecloth, or the little squares that go on the dinner plate either! It's all so pretty!

  9. The linen is so sweet, I love the work on them, I know you can set a pretty table with them

  10. Those are gorgeous - - - all of them!!

  11. Everything is so pretty! I would love to have those irises in my yard!

  12. Oh, your iris linens are just beautiful!

    I never heard of placemats between the dishes of a place cool! and very elegant! Love that your Mom embroidered a set for you. :)

  13. I always think of irises and peonies as being vintage flowers. Your linens are lovely. The damask napkins are so wonderful with the floral border.

  14. you got very pretty linens.. lovely! happy VTT & have a great weekend

  15. Beautiful and unusual iris border. I haven't done counted cross stitch in years but can appreciate all of the work it takes to get the finished product. Beautiful work!

  16. Such beautiful linens..the needlework by your mother and you is wonderful..just gorgeous. Happy belated VTT,have a lovely weekend

  17. What wonderful, and beautiful projects!


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