Thursday, 18 June 2009

Move it Like Mike! Week 2 Report

This past week from last Thursday was the second week of my Moving it Like Mike, or walking with Pip. On Saturday I walked my 20 minutes in two parts, when I brought my father in law his lunch and walked back home. I did a bit of cleaning there while he was eating, but it wasnt't vigorous enough to count for extra points.

The wild strawberries grow by the roadside. The weather has been so cold during the week that the berries seem to take ages to get red and ripe.

On Tuesday I walked my daughter Kaija to the train just to get my bit of exercise, and to help her carry one of her bags. She stayed with us a couple of days, and we worked together on three dresses for her: one vintage dress needed to be altered, one she sewed herself and I helped, and one was a new dress and a new top made to a new dress.

On the walk back I saw this garden runaway flower Hesperis matronalis (illakko) Eileen needed help identifying just a while ago. I knew I had seen them here!

This is a wild flower Melandrium dioecum (ailakki), which also can have purple or white flowers, and the Finnish names get mixed in my head easily.

The walk to the station and back was two times 20 minutes, so I managed to get my three times 20 min walks for the second week. Extra points for vigorous special gymnastic program Tuesday night. I try to find my waistline. I lost it in the eighties, so it may take a while to find it.


  1. Well done Ulla for keeping up with the exercise. The pink one we call Red Campion in the UK even though it doesn't come in red! LOL

  2. Oh! Are those what we call Dame's Rocket here?

  3. I like that you vary your walks, Ulla! I do the same area every day - only vary by a block or two! I think I need a change!


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