Saturday, 9 January 2010

Contry Calendar BOM Quilt, with borders now

Thank you everyone for your opinions about the sashings for this quilt. I looked again at the fabrics in good daylight and decided to use the oatmeal colour B. Every colour was voted for, but B looked best with the  dark olive floral print of the corner stones and the yellow-brown-black of the border.

It took me two days to finish the quilt top. First I ironed the seam allowances of the corner squares the wrong way and the corners didn't meet with the sashings. Rip off and do it again. Then I noticed that I had sewn three rows of four blocks instead of four rows of three, and had to rip again. And sew again. It is not always easy being so stupid.

This white azalea is the last one to show of my Christmas flowers. I'm glad I took the photo, because my usual thing happened: I couldn't keep it alive. I always water too little or too much, and to be honest I don't even know what went wrong this time. The  blossoms have withered, the green leaves fall on the table and all I can do is take it to the compost.

Luckily the beauty lasted over two weeks, and most of the buds opened.

Did you notice the new button in my sidebar? Stephanie has issued a challenge No strings attached on her blog. You only have until the 15th to sign in, all the rules are in that link. The idea is to use up your stash for a string block project to be completed by June 30th. It is not a swap, you sew for your own use, and your project can be any size from table runner to big quilts. If you are interested, follow the link and sign in! I think this is a nice way to help us all get rid of our little scraps of fabric and reduce our stash.


  1. I've had those types of sewing days. It's best to just "walk away"! Great job for sticking with it and putting it together. Very sweet project. I've had quite a few sign ups for the challenge and many more are welcome.

  2. Hi Ulla, thanks for posting all the neat pics of your Christmas flowers have enjoyed them very much. Your calender is precious and your great for doing it right, I might have lost it some where along the way. H ugs, Marie

  3. It looks wonderful, and looking in daylight is always best!

    We got snow yesterday and I thought of you! For real:)


  4. Ooo sympathies with your sashing Ulla. I've had days like that which always look better after a large mug of coffee. The quilt top was well worth it though. Just the backing and binding to sort out. :-)

    I've signed up to the string quilt too. Great idea for scraps and those off cuts of sashing, borders and bindings to get used up.

  5. The outcome of your quilt is beautiful and I aprove of your choice..
    I have signed up for Stephanies Challenge. I am so looking forward to participate but I must finish some UFO's first ...

  6. Your quilt looks great and your choice was a good one.
    hugs Deb

  7. I have the same luck every year with poinsettias - water too little or too much. They never last with me. I'm glad you went with the sashing you did. The quilt looks really nice.

  8. if it makes you feel any better I am hopeless with plants, they wither as soon as I look at them!

  9. Your choice of the beige/grey looks very nice. Sometimes choosing a sashing colour is tricky, you just have to try a few out first, plus a cup of coffee helps too :)


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