Wednesday 6 January 2010

We have a real winter

Here are some pictures I took on Monday on my walk to the station. The clouds promised more snow, and there has been  so much of it, always in the early morning hours. For many years we have not had a real winter like this, and usually the most snow comes in January and February.


The sun can already make icicles, when the temperature is not too low.


On a little market square in Järvenpää they had not yet removed the snow plowed from  the pedestrian area, so the children had a lovely mountain to climb and slide down.

This is something I have sewn for Christmas presents. The pattern is from Helen, Hugs n' Kisses, the first project in her Stitcher's Angels 2009 project. I didn't participate, but I loved the pattern. The yellow and purple ones were given as Christmas presents, and the middle one will be in my blog's 2nd anniversary giveaway on January 16th.

Today was the traditional day to take out the tree, and as you can see, it was time to do it!

Usually I take a bin bag and my garden secateurs, cut the tree in the living room and bring it out in the bag. No needles on the floor on the way out. This year we wanted to put the tree in the back yard so the birds can have a shelter closer to the feeder. The temperatures have been low for a long period, the coldest morning this week was -26C  or -14.8F

My Christmas amaryllis, a newcomer in the Christmas flower selection, is a lovely white one. These are the first flowers to open.


  1. Nice pictures of the winther Ulla. Yes it is unusually cold and there is no warmth on the way yet.. I love your Amamryllis, the white is so beautiful.
    Your gifts are so sweet, I loved them.. Take care.

  2. I am rethinking how much snow there is in New Jersey now :)


  3. Happy 12th Night. Our decorations and tree have all been packed away too in accordance with tradition. Love the bags in such soft colours.

    Yes I think we are all having these strong NE winds bring the cold weather. It is so unusual for here. Beautiful icicles.

  4. Happy 6th too! We have also dismantled our tree. Yes, "dismantled" & not cut - it is a very nice & almost real-looking tree :) . Gorgeous amaryllis.

  5. hi Ulla, your snow photos are so romantic, well to us Aussies here who never see it they are! I am glad you enjoyed my project and your friends will to. thanks for sending the pics hugs from Helen

  6. Oh dear your temps are very cold! I think all kids love playing in the snow no matter what the temperature is. Our tree is coming down right now--not by me. :o) Gorgeous amaryllis.

  7. Ulla, those photos are beautiful. I especially adore the first one, it would be stunning enlarged and framed.
    Your bags are great ideas.
    Yes Christmas is all over now isn't it but it will be here before we know it again, sadly the years are going by so quickly as we grow.

  8. I would love more snow and icicles. Thank you for posting such lovely photos.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. Your snow looks so beautiful but also cold and overwhelming. I don't think I need to complain about the bit of snow we get here. Your amarylis is gorgeous and your bags look so soft and feminine,

    Have a great day and stay warm.


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