Thursday, 21 January 2010

VTT 2 - Lacy Thingies

Two weeks ago I posted about my Christmas presents, the tatting shuttle and other treasures from my big sis P. Well, my little sister T commented on that post and promised to send me another shuttle, so now I have two of them!  Here is the new one, again from the 1920's and from our dear Great Aunt Saima:

and a side view:

I studied the books I have and the comments received, and ended up buying a book + DVD together with some proper tatting thread. I intend to try my fingers on this, but I also want to save the original threads on the shuttles. I guess you are never too old to learn something new. (The book has not yet arrived, so I still feel confident!)

T also sent me some other family historical items. First there was this table topper or tray mat in redwork

It is like the one I have shown before, but with more embroidery. I have reason to believe that this one has belonged to our great-grandmother.

Our grandmother used to wear suit dresses, and she had blouse fronts to wear under them: blouses with no back and sleeves, just the front and collar, and an elastic band at the waist to keep it in place. Even before we were born she wore loose collars and ruffles attached to a simple blouse with a brooch. T sent me one of these ruffles:

Fine ladies would never go out without gloves, not even in the summer, at least not in town:


This reminds me of my own lace gloves, I had a pair when I was about 10 years old. They were made of the new crepe nylon material, stretchy and soft compared to these. Nothing can beat the elegance of this pair! Thank you T, and P, I will start a tiny museum.

This last picture is not vintage at all, it is just to cheer you up. Yesterday I visited my mother, and on the way from the bus stop to her house I saw this jolly snowman. It reminded me of the wonderful childhood (= vintage) winters with lots of snow like this year, snow castles and caves, and snowmen guarding them.


Happy VTT, remember to go through the list of links on Coloradolady's blog. You never know what interesting treasures the others have to show and tell about today!


  1. Beautiful tray mat. I think your sister's know how much older things mean to you. I hope your tatting DVD arrives soon so you can play and show us your work. We're never too old or vintage to enjoy snowmen.

  2. lucky you..oh i love those sweet gloves :)

  3. Oh Ulla the tatting brought tears to my eyes, my mother tatted all the time along with her quilting. I have her shuttles and my grandmoathers and osme ofthe t hread they used to . It is among my treasures!! I love the snowman too.!! Thanks for s haring your treasures too.Hugs, Marie

  4. OH, your "new" tatting shuttles are fabulous! Enjoy!
    That redwork is lovely! How nice to have those lovely things sent to you! Those gloves are very nice also!

    The snowman looks fun.

  5. What a wonderful new craft to try. Good luck.

    I love how your sisters and you have kept family treasures.

    Here we had white collars and cuffs which were detached from dark garments for washing. Before the modent dyes came out the colours would bleed badly.

  6. Thats amazing! I can't imagine doing those things, yet tatting when I look at the directions doesnt seem that hard. I dont know...maybe Im just intimidated!

  7. What a great post! I love your family treasures. And the snowman was so cute :-)


  8. Now that my hands are looking old and splotchy, I'm "getting" why women of bygone years wore gloves!!! First, they kept the sun off their hands and helped them stay nice longer, and then there's always the benefit of them HIDING the splotches once they appear!

  9. I just love your tray mat, and can not wait to see what you make with your newly acquired tools and skills. You are so right...what a cute little snowman!! Have a great VTT!

  10. The blouse fronts reminded me of "dickies" like I had to wear under sweaters when I was young.

    Good luck with your tatting.

  11. Best of success w/your tatting and love the lace gloves.

  12. How sweet of your sisters to share the family heirlooms. I have all the stuff to learn tatting as well. Will give it a try one of these days. Loved the lace gloves! Thanks for sharing on this VTT...Sue

  13. Wonderful family heirlooms, especially that redwork table topper! Good luck with your tatting. You never know if you can do it, until you try! I hope you can continue the family legacy of tatting!
    Happy VTT!

  14. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful treasures! I especially loved the ruffled collar thingie!

  15. Gorgeous lace bits! Isn't that a shuttle for bobbin lace?

  16. I love that table topper. It is really pretty. Your Grandma must have been a very stylish lady in her suits and accessories. White and lace make me smile. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  17. I think it's sad gloves are no longer considered part of a proper lady's garb!

  18. How nice you got an other piece for your aunts collection. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. These lovely lace gloves remind me of my grandmother too! I used to wear hers, when being at her home as a child....and I felt very ladylike and elegant :-) !! These gloves usually belong to our national costumes too, even today!
    It's always a pleasure to stop by and see (and read) your posts. Besides I've started a new blog too (everything about sewing...the little "adventures" of a beginner :-) !!).
    Have a lovely weekend,


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