Wednesday 27 January 2010

New Books

The beginning of the year means also the beginning of great sales. I haven't found there anything for me to wear, but the book store's sale never fails to offer me something. This year's find was this originally Norwegian book about quilts. Original price was 51.50 €, I bought it for 8 €.

I love their fabric choices, and that makes me love the patterns more, too:

I also ordered one book online, a book I have known about before it was even there. This is the book Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mike's published last year.

There are fun and easy projects from crafting and sewing to a delicious recipe. If you follow Pip's blog, you can imagine how encouraging and lovely the text and the photos are.

I'm still waiting for my tatting book to arrive.

This morning I have started two more pillowcases for Jackie, the tubes are sewn and waiting to be ironed so I can sew the French seam on two sides to finish them. Nowadays my sewing table looks usually like this:


No strings attached yet there, but so far 25 blocks are sewn for the string challenge quilt.

We are still enjoying beautiful frosty weather, this morning being one of the coldest this year with -27C or -16.6F. Today we are expecting new snow, for several days, so there will be less sun. Yesterday I took a couple of pictures at 11, to show you how "high" the sun is. First a picture to show the Finnish blue and white:


The cold weather keeps the birds away from the feeder, and I'm afraid most of them will not come back. They manage a few cold days without wasting energy for flying, but then they must get their seeds and fat to survive.


The picture is so dark because I wanted to catch the sun in it, too. Barely above the tree tops, at noon it was about as high as the second highest tree from the left. When I turned to go back in, I felt that the dark door was warm from the sun.


  1. Your parcel arrived just now! Thank you! Thank you! I'm going to drop everything and play with the fabric today! Its lovely- I have nothing like it!And the chocolate bar...I think you get to know me too welll.......

    That feathery tree is so beautiful! Your sewing table looks very like mine...I wonder why????? I forgot to say yesterday how beautiful your blue string quilt is turning out, you are very good at getting the right mix of shades, I think its a gift I don't have!

  2. Enjoy your new books. Wonderful bargain you found. How I love book shops. I've been working on pillowcases too. That is a gorgeous photo of the stark white against the bright blue background. Brrr!

  3. Wonderful photo of the blue and white.

  4. The silvery white against the Summery blue is stunning Ulla. You could make cards from that photo.

    Ooo books! Walking into a bookshop is like walking into a room of friendly people- some you know and others are yet to be good friends. I love that feeling. The books you chose look so interesting.

    Must get on with Jackie's pillowcases after having a gadding off day yesterday with daughter. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. The Norwegian book about quilts sounds very interesting, isn't it nice to get such great bargains? Love the white blue picture, beautiful!

  6. How I love the outside photos, Ulla! I can't imagine it being that cold for so long - you must be experts in staying warm through the long winters!


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