Tuesday 12 January 2010

Winter Views and Giveaway Plans

Yesterday we had an amazing day. The temperature climbed up some 15 degrees to -7 C (20 F), which is most pleasant. It was not snowing, but the humidity in the air formed ice crystals everywhere.

Thick frost covered every tree. The wind had blown snow away from the oaks and birches at the station, but now they were dressed in white again.

A closeup of their lace pattern:

And finally a look across the tracks to the other side.

You may remember that in December I promised a giveaway for my blog's second anniversary. That will be on Saturday the 16th. I will be giving away a string bag with rose embroidery, and after some hard thinking I found another gift which very much represents me and my blog. It is a vintage, recycled apron which is still in UFO state! Like this one I made for myself:

The one to be given away will have a different bib and pockets, but the fabric is the same, recycled from my Grandmother's summer dress. I'd better get started with the sewing! I mean to give it away completed and ready to use.

The winners will be drawn from the comments from the beginning of my Advent Calendar posts up to Saturday 16th of January at 18.00 my time. Each comment counts as long as it is not a no-reply one.


  1. Those trees are absolutely gorgeous. Miracles of nature. Yes Ulla, I think your giveaway gifts will definitely represent you. Something lovely about having a gift handmade from fabrics of long ago. Aprons are so very popular too and extremely useful.

  2. Those trees are stunning Ulla! The 3rd photo would make a fabric design all by itself.

    I like your giveaway concept- things that represent your blog. The items sound gorgeous too.

    I had to smile at your -7C feeling pleasant. We have slipped up to +4C so the poor snow is melting into slush. There are still traces here and there but I think I have lost my magical Christmas world. Ah well crocuses soon.

  3. A unique giveaway. I love bib aprons and have several that my mom has made. At one time my daughter thought I should pare down the quantity but I just can't give them away -they will be worn out first!

  4. Oh, those trees look magical, just like out of a fairytale.
    It is 28 oC here in sub-tropical Queensland (Australia) today. Kinda warmish :)
    I do love your apron, handmade from your grandmother's dress, so special.

  5. I love the look of the snow. Finland is a place I would love to visit one day. Many years back I worked for a Finnish company with a Finnish boss and lots of visitors from Finland, so learnt a lot. The snow looks spectacular. We were also the Honorary Vice Consulate for Finland in Sydney Australia.

  6. Beautiful pictures, especially the 2nd and 3rd ones! Your giveaway is a very nice one, it really represents your blog.


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