Monday 4 January 2010

Help me with the sashings

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm still in holiday mood, but trying to get started with this year's projects. First I want to share with you some pictures of our Christmas flowers. Poinsettias are nowadays still one of the most popular Christmas flowers. They are even called  joulutähti, which means Christmas Star in Finnish.

What I really needed to show today is my Country Calendar quilt blocks. I need to choose sashings for the quilt to go on with the project, and I would appreciate your help here. The block borders will be only 1 cm wide, like the strip between the picture and the name of the month. The sashings will be 3 cm, with corner stones. I placed my blocks on three candidate fabrics, but you can suggest anything else as well. This is alternative A, a light blue solid:

B is a greyish beige with a stripy print:

And C is a greenish brownish print with a very small pattern:

The corner stones could be in one fabric or different ones. Ellie's Photo Gallery shows some finished quilts but they have not used so many colours for the block borders as I have.

Hyacinths were the Christmas flowers from my childhood, and their scent still means Christmas for me. I planted some bulbs in honey jars for our staircase. Every time I climb the stairs I get to smell a bit of childhood.

So what do you say, A) blue, B) beige, C) green/brown or D) your own suggestion?


  1. Hi Ulla, Love the poinsettia and I adore hyacinths. Their smell if gorgeous. I think for your borders the last one (c) shows all of the borders all ready on well but the middle one does make the designs pop a bit more. Tricky decision, rather you than me.
    hugs Deb

  2. i love the last one and would have used c) if i was to sew this together. Lovely blocks, by the way!

  3. Hyvää jatko! If I had to do the borders, I probably would take the blue one in order to get a little contrast (and because I like the blue color :-) !). In autumn I completely forgot to plant hyacinths for indoor but I planted a lot outside in the garden. I love this flower and its strong perfume. We also call poinsettia "christmas stars" in our language. Have a healthy and good year.
    With best wishes

  4. bee ja cee on molemmat ihan hyvät, bee ehkä raikkaamman näköinen.

    olenpa monisanainen nyt.

    hala hala

  5. What a terrific idea to have hyacinths on the staircase. What a heavenly scent. I'd choose C for the sashing.

  6. I love the smeel of hyacinths. We have a concentrate disinfectant which is hyacinth scented so I occassionally use that to make me smile.

    I love the blue but c works better. You could always do a 2nd border round the blocks all the same to make sashing selection a bit easier?

    The blocks do look gorgeous. :-)

  7. A) Blue.

    I think a dark color would look nice, too. A dark brown.

  8. I like the green! So fresh and goes with each month!
    I am loving this quilt!! Regardless of your borders IT IS GORGEOUS!!!

  9. I think the green/brown throws the colours out the best, but I like the colour of the beige better. The blocks are delicate so you don't want too heavy of a background I'd've thought?

  10. "Joulutahti" what a beautiful Finnish word.., just as lovely as Poinsettia, if not more.
    The quilt will be beautiful. Of the three choices I like the greenish/brown the best but I would also like a pale yellow.

  11. bee tai cee

  12. I'm thinking the middle one. The blue seems to bright and contrasty to me and the last one doesn't seem to add anything. The middle one is a nice neutral that tones the brightness down while still letting the colors shine - I think it depends on what you're looking for really. But I like the middle one


  13. Hmm I am not going to make this any easier for you.. I would pick the one in the middel, the grey one ;-)
    Lovely "julestjerne", I got one too from my supervisor. He is a very sweet and kind boss.
    Good luck with your new project and I look forward to see it finished.

  14. Oh I love the blue background for sashing it's a lovely blue & makes the blocks stand out otherwise they sort of get lost in the neutral backgrounds.
    I vote for blue!


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