Friday 15 January 2010

New Projects

This year I'm starting my Christmas preparations early. I have already packed the Christmas ornaments and lights in such a way that they can easily be taken to use when the time comes. I suppose vacuuming the house doesn't count, at this time of the year, as a Christmas preparation. But I have started a stitching project I admired on many blogs last year, A Christmas Wish by Gail Pan Designs. I altered the pattern a little, translating the words into Finnish. The first block is Love:

And the second one is Merry:

Believe it or not, but I have finished a third one too (there is SO much snooker for Mr. K on Eurosport!), the original word is Joy:

This is a perfect project for TV programs you don't need to see at all, just listen and when it sounds intresting, you can look up and see what is going on. Crocheting and knitting are better for watching Grey's Anatomy or CSI or Rebus. Spooks is too exciting to do anything else but watch. America's Next Top Model is my ironing program only.

Yesterday was my first sewing class of the year, and I stitched the binding and sleeve on my Country Calendar quilt. Hand sewing the binding will be my evening project of the weekend. I also cut some pillowcases and tested the 20 Minutes Pillowcase pattern. Stephanie of Loft Creations gave here a challenge for this project for the Hole in The Wall Gang. Jackie of Canton Village Quilts is organizing a giant donation of pillowcases for all the kids who go to the Summer Camp. Follow the links to read more and see if you could make a pillowcase for them as well. It would be a nice way to use up your stash, at least I see it that way. I have not yet finished my pillowcase, but there will be pictures later!

Come by tomorrow and see what my 2nd Annniversary Giveaway is about. The winners will be drawn and announced on Sunday 17th.


  1. Not only am I impressed with your Christmas project (I too thought I would get a head start on next year) but I do like the fabrics you used for the sashing. At the rate you are going with this, it won't take long at all for you to finish it.

  2. Hi ULLA!
    I love how every show has an activity attached but when I thought about it I do the same thing with certain shows!! Great minds -correction- Great Sewing Minds think a like! Take care!

  3. Pretty stitchery blocks. We like some of the same programs--waiting for the new America's Top Model. Last night I started the new season of Project Runway with Heidi Klum. I know Jackie will be thrilled with whatever pillowcases come here way. Thank you for helping.

  4. It is a good idea to start soon with Christmas, it always comes so quick! I like your blocks translated into Finnish, that way we can learn a few words, too!

  5. Your Christmas Wish is looking great Ulla. I love how you too have programmes for certain activities too. :-) I plan and machine sew to the stories on Radio 7, and stitch and knit to things like Wallander (English version) CSI, AMNTM, and Project Runway. I do stop and look properly at judging time though.

  6. Your embroidered squares are so pretty- and I love the way you have different programs for different crafts! I cannot quilt with the TV on which a lot of people can do, it has to be knitting!

  7. Hi Ulla,
    Your christmas wish quilt is going to look wonderful, I too, like the way you have changed the words to Finnish.

  8. You have done such a wonderful job Ulla and I love that you are using finske ord insteed og english..
    I am looking forward to see your project proceed..
    I wish you a wonderful week Ulla..


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