Friday, 22 January 2010

New finishes, from stash

I have been busy sewing this week. On Wednesday, when I had my day off duties, I visited my mother in Tampere and took the train there. On the train I was working on this:

It is the Hope block of A Christmas Wish. I have also finished Peace

and Believe:

Now I'm working on the last three blocks. All the material for this project is from stash, I only needed to buy the white embroidery floss. So far I have not bought any fabric this year!

I took the pillowcase challenge Stephanie wrote about, and used Jackie's 20 minutes pattern for the pillowcases. Again, all fabric comes from the depths of my boxes and plastic bags. This is also the first charity project of the Finnish Brown Owls of this year.


The Finnish Brown Owls chapter has so far only one member, so I can pretty freely decide the time and place of my meetings! If you care to join me, please say so. There will be no fee, there will probably only be virtual meetings and projects shared through the internet, just like I have been doing the last two years as a faraway member of the original Melbourne Brown Owls.

The weather is still cold even for this season, -18C or 0.4F. The wind makes it feel even colder. My walk from the bus stop to mother's house was therefore a very quick one, but I needed to stop and take some pictures. The water in a little brook was running so fast that it had not frozen:


If you click on the picture, you may see the snow crystals and the ice forming above the water.
The big trees were all covered in snow. This was about 9.30 in the morning, the sun had just risen.


And finally the snow castle with the brave snowman guard. Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Your blocks are looking lovely Ulla. How great it must feel for you to be using up stash. Since putting up your stash logo I haven't bought any although I have fallen off the wagon this year.

    You still have so much snow and cold. It was the 1st time I had seen a snow castle. I will have to show Son so he can take notes for when we next see snow.

    I hope you had a lovely visit.

  2. Simply beautiful stitchery blocks. And the fabric is so pretty for the pillowcases. I know Jackie will be thrilled with them. Thank you!!! Our snow has melted due to warmer temperatures but it's only January and there will be more snow.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Your embroidery is beautiful!

  4. How cool that you are doing these blocks in Finnish! I love how they are turning out. I have made 3 full sets and working on a fourth. I wanted to make 8 sets for gifts but did not get that far in 2009. So I will try to finish the others this year for next Christmas.

    Toivo was one of my grandmother's brothers name. We used to call him Uncle Toy. Or maybe it was Uncle Toi.

  5. Your blocks are turning out quite nicely. I do love your snow pictures. We still have not had a substantial snow fall and this Sunday and Monday are supposed to be a high of +6C and so we still will not see any white stuff for a while.

  6. I hope you had a wonderful time at your mothers. You have made some lovely blocks and as i sad before I love that you are using finish words..
    I loved the snowman ;-))

  7. Hi I'm a first time visitor from Sointula, B.C. Many people here are Finnish (not me) and my best friend is. I love the Words you have been doing on your quilt and has inspired me to make something for her. I'm going to try to visit all your vintage items and get the juices going. Oh ,maybe you don't use that expression. It means thinking. I love the snow pictures also.
    Thanks for your blog.

  8. Your Christmas stitcheries are just beautiful!! And the pillowcases are coming out just lovely. The pictures of the snow are quite lovely, although it makes me cold. Brrrr....

  9. Hello from Ulla in Kalix
    I really love your idea to translate the words on the block.
    We also have a lovely winter and the temperature differs a little but the great happness of longer time of daylight compensate the coldness.
    Today I have a relaxing day-a Sunday in the old way.
    I wish you a lovey Sunday


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