Saturday 5 December 2009

Clean House

This week I had the unexpected pleasure to offer a training possibility for a student. Her subject was home cleaning. You heard right: vacuuming, dusting, wiping the floors, scrubbing the sauna from ceiling to floor. She worked with me (I wasn't sitting in an armchair and sipping cocktails, if that is what you thought) from 10 to half past two on both days, and did a wonderful job. There are many chores in a big cleaning which are difficult to do when you are alone, but go easily with another pair of hands. I took the big carpets out, because we could lift the tables together, and so on. Christmas cleaning made for Independence Day already.

Afterwards I felt like Raggedy Ann here on the windowsill, very pleased with the result! If you look through the window (we didn't get to cleaning windows because of the below freezing point temperature), you can see we finally have a touch of snow to brighten our days.
This is my 5th Advent Calendar picture. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Please sent her my way...except I'll sip tea and read magazines while she cleans! Ann looks like she's enjoying her view.

  2. oh please tell me where I can get a house cleaning student??? Love the view through your window.....

  3. Oh my, I would LOVE to help train her right over here at MY house!!! :-)

  4. Wow lucky you. Send her to me , hmm lots to be done here too ;-))


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