Monday 7 December 2009

Day Seven

Today I want to show you a lighter picture for a change. This is a rag carpet woven by me several years ago. I had it in the kitchen, but originally made it for a bedroom. This is a traditional Finnish way of recycling and using up worn garments and leftover fabrics.

The busy strips are made of a striped curtain fabric, mixed with white sheets. The light blue comes from men's shirts, the pink and yellow from nightgowns. I have woven carpets using jeans and heavy jerseys as well. You only need to adjust the width of your weft strips to the thickness of the fabric used, and you can blend almost anything.


  1. That is great Ulla. It's something I've never tried to do but I'm thinking that maybe I ought to learn.

  2. I'll bet it feels nice under your feet as well as looking pretty.

  3. This is first I thought it was a sea view...ripples on water. And I love the recycling aspect of this project! Just lovely!

  4. I grew up with these and remember my dad buying one from a friend. Ours were usually long rectangles.

  5. I love it - - - but I need to see more of the process to understand HOW you did it.

    I believe in the American past, women used to make rugs similar to this which were called rag rugs.


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