Thursday 3 December 2009

Third Picture

This morning I wanted to take a picture of the full moon. Last night it was so big and yellow and round when we were shopping (without camera!), but when we came back home I couldn't take a picture of it simply because it was behind the hill and the houses and the trees. (Of course, I had just seen it in the village and it was still there.) To my disappointment the sky was cloudy this morning, no moon to be seen. Luckily the weather turned cold yesterday (-6 C or 21 F), so the tiny sparkles of ice were everywhere in the darkness at seven in the morning. I bet you are getting my point here: this is a dark and cold place at this time of the year.


  1. Brrr! Is all of Finland dark this time of year or only towns to the farthest north? We change our clocks in Fall and Spring. This time of year we're dark in the morning and it's also dark early in the evening.

  2. the moon looked amazing here last night on the way home from work. It was one of those moments I had a camera with me and I wasn't on the road.


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