Tuesday, 22 December 2009


This picture shows the first snowman of the year. Our neighbour's little girls built it two weeks ago, when there was just a little snow. Autumn leaves stuck on the snow, but today the snowman will have a clean white coat on.

It has been snowing for a couple of days, and the weather is still cold (-17 C = 1.4 F this morning), so a white Christmas is guaranteed for us. I hope the Christmas traffic will not suffer too much from this.

Our daughter Kaija came home for Christmas yesterday. Today she will be visiting a friend, but after that she will be my little inspiring elf in the kitchen. My brother and his wife dropped in for a quick change of Christmas greetings on their way to spend the Christmas with her mother. Tomorrow I may expect my sister P and her husband on their way to spend the Christmas with our mother. We are the lucky ones, our children are coming to spend the Christmas with us, and we can stay at home.


  1. Have a wonderful family filled Christmas Ulla. :-)

    We had snow last night- I woke and took photos and had a magical time where lots of Christmas dreams came true. :-)

    I hope you have lots of Christmas dreams come true too.

  2. No White Christmas for us according to the weatherman...although he's often wrong. Have a very special holiday gathering with you family.

  3. Since we got snow once this month I can't hope for more here in California but Oh, how I would love a white Christmas.
    Have a very wonderful, white one for me.
    Merry Christmas...


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