Friday 18 December 2009

Santa's Little Helper Reveals a Secret

This is something I have just sewn with my own little hands and my little overlocker and my big sewing machine:

It is a Christmas gift for my mother, a nightgown to keep her warm. I can show it to you, because she doesn't have internet, and I believe my sisters can keep this kind of a secret if they happen to see this. I want Christmas gifts to be surprises, so we can all believe they are made by Santa's little helpers, the tonttu elves, who have been secretly watching us. They know what we need, or maybe not need but very much would like to have. They know what colours we like, or what materials, what we collect or what we like to read or to listen to. They also note in their notebooks if we have been nice or naughty, so Santa can decide what we are going to get.

As one of Santa's helpers' helpers I have noticed that my mother sometimes needs extra blankets when she sleeps, so I believe a warm nightie would be welcome. She also appreciates hand made gifts, so I dived in one of my big cardboard boxes in the cellar and found this piece of jersey I bought for her nightie some years ago and wasn't inspired to use before now. I used one of my favourite nighties as a pattern. So now I have been good and reduced my stash a little!

Be good, the elves are still making notes!


  1. That is so lovely Ulla and well done for making it from your stash. She is going to love it and love keeping warm.

    I am sure the tonttus have lots of good notes about you. :-)

  2. That should certainly bring a smile to you Mom's face. Nothing cozier than a lovely nightgown and fuzzy slippers!

  3. What a lovely thoughtful gift. I always try to see what someone needs and then see if I can fill that need. I have some pink flannel I bought for the same purpose and I am hoping to get it done in time.

  4. well santa is going to be very busy because I have been extra specially good this year, it seems you have too!


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