Friday 11 December 2009

Matchbox Crafting

Yesterday was a reversed childhood day. I was crafting with my daughter, but it was she who showed me how to do it! She is staying with us for a couple of days because of her house renovation, and she had to make her matchbox for the day here. Luckily she had a spare one for me (because I still have not found the ones I bought for crafting in 2008).

Kaija made her box, and I tried to make mine as nice as I could. I watched her closely, and she explained what she was doing and why. She is a good teacher. She teaches me new things like computer and digital camera, too.


I only had glue sticks, but she managed to make a lovely work without her good materials.


She glued little torn bits of paper for the box bottom. I kept everything very simple. You can see Kaija's box here. She has made one for every day since the first advent. This is my first box:

I have collected little things I have picked up from the ground between the house and the washline, and always intended to make a project with them. Unfortunately the little bird egg shell broke into too small pieces before I used it. These items are not so fragile, and they go together because both are used for building.

The metal thing is something used as a nail to build our house in 1947, when there was a true shortage of everything, including all building materials. The yellow one is a Lego brick of my children, maybe fallen from a pocket on the washline, or they have played with their Legos outdoors, which was kind of not allowed. When you step on a Lego brick on the lawn, it disappears in the ground, but when you step on one in their room, it hurts like **** and you immediately notice it so you can save the poor brick from getting lost.

The nail is in fact a waste bit of metal cut away when making forks. Our floorboards and interior walls were nailed with these, and I found one in the ground.

It was much fun to sit together and talk about things we remember, learn something new and just be together. When I someday find my boxes I will continue crafting with them and make boxes for the other items I have found.

My daily posting has taken me by surprise: this is post number 300! I will celebrate later, as I'm too busy posting every day for two more weeks and trying to make Christmas happen in the family as well. In January will be my blog's 2nd Anniversary, that will be the time to celebrate.


  1. I learn technical things from my kids too. Legos were my son's very favorite thing to play with. I believe we still even have a set. Cute little boxes.

  2. Congrats on 300 posts Ulla. What a brilliant way of using the fork off cuts. When I first saw it I thought it was a little like a horse shoe nail.

    LOL yep our feet have been Lego-ed too.

  3. I too thought it was a horse shoe nail - I used alot of those when I create!!I love your matchbox!!! We just did a matchbox exchange - check my blog-there is another one planned for January!! If you and your daughter would like to participate.........!!!!It's open to all!!


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