Sunday 13 December 2009

Third Advent

Today is the third Advent Sunday, time to light the third candle.


This Advent candle holder is a gift from my sister P. She brought it from Stockholm many, many years ago. Sometimes I use red or green candles, matching the lingonberry decoration. This year, hoping for a little snow, I used white ones.


  1. No snow yet? This morning we have rain at one degree above the freezing point. I'm hoping we do NOT have ice. That's ugly stuff. My your snow wishes come true.

  2. Hi Ulla..
    So you are hoping for some snow, me too.. I love your candelholder, it is so sweet.
    I wish you a wonderful week and some time to sew.. I realy long for some quite time to sew now but insteed I am preparing for my families vacation to Grand Canaria for Christmas. I realy hope the weather will be good ;-))

  3. That's a pretty dish. I think part of the nice thing of Christmas is getting out the dishes and cloths which hold so many memories from year to year. That's how it is for me anyhow!

  4. Beautiful candle holder..., lovely tradition.

  5. Hi Ulla. I just wonder - the basket you made for AnneMarie - do you know where the pattern is from?

  6. Very beautiful.
    Here we had a hard frost at the weekend so I saw frozen puddles touched by Jack Frost but no snow here either. I think it would make everything a lot brighter.


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