Wednesday 23 December 2009

More Snow

There is a saying about evening red sky and bad weather for the coming day. This is a picture of the setting sun yesterday, after a sunny, frosty day.

This is this morning, after I had been showeling for over one and a half hours, and Mr. K came home to clear our driveway after he had done it at work, and to finally have his breakfast.

Six inches new snow this morning! He woke up at 4 to see if he needed to get up and start this winter hobby, but there was no snow, so he came back to bed. At 5 when it was the right time for him to wake up, it was snowing heavily, so he went to work and I started showeling at home. He was very glad to see my results when he came, and I felt like a little tonttu.

There is more snow coming, so we shall repeat this show later.
Tomorrow will be the last Advent Calendar post before my holiday break. In case you are busy with your holiday season already, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for coming by and being there with me.


  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

    Ulla in Kalix

  2. What a beautiful evening sky Ulla. We haven't had any more snow since yesterday. We have some sun at the moment and 6C.
    LOL Tonttu Ulla
    I had a note from my elves this morning- will share later telling me it was them who had made the kitchen immaculate while I slept. :-)

  3. LOVE all the snow.

    I believe the little saying you mention is:

    Red sky at morn,
    Sailors forewarn!
    Red sky at night,
    Sailor's delight!

    But either way - - - you got lots of snow out of it, didn't you!?!

  4. The sky looks like a fire in the background. Gorgeous. Wishing you and your family peace and joy this holiday season!

  5. Merry Christmas - we too are enjoying snow - 18 inches plus- and now freezing rain promised for Christmas.........:>(

  6. Your snow picture reminds me of my new black and white snow fabric...hmmm I think I have sewing on the brain...I should be how pretty! It's gorgeous...your picture that is...but then so is my fabric!! Have a beautiful, joyous Christmas filled with all the wonderful things you deserve! Take care!

  7. It is melting here in the souhtern part on Finland already... Do not wash your car now!!!

  8. Frohe Festtage mit viel Zeit und Musse, sowie alle guten Wünsche für das kommende Jahr, vorab natürlich gute Gesundheit und das nötige Quantum Glück im Alltag. Lese immer mit Interesse deine posts :-) !!
    Liebe Weihnachtsgrüsse,

  9. God fortsättning och hoppas du får ett fantastiskt skapande år 2010!


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