Sunday 6 December 2009

Independence Day

This is  December 6th, our Independence Day. My advent calendar picture with the new snow from yesterday is about as merry and joyful as we Finns are on this special day. We seem to take many things seriously.


I belong to the generation whose parents were born during the WWI, before Independence in 1917. Our fathers fought to keep this independence in the three wars 70 years ago. No wonder the Independence Day celebration is a bit serious, especially as it is at this dark time of the year. In the evening we light two candles in the window, and we watch the most boring (and yet so interesting) TV program, a direct broadcast from the Presidential Palace: the arrival of over 1,000 guests in their best dresses (that is the fun part) to shake hands with Mrs. President and her husband; and then the dancing crowd. It would be so much satisfying to watch this show with a female companion. Mr. K is a dear and lovely man, but his comments on dresses are far less than expert.


  1. Happy Independence Day! Men are such fashion experts. :o)

  2. Happy Independence Day!! I learned something new. I am researching my family genealogy -I have just discovered my maternal great grandparents (and before) are from Joensuu, and also St. Petersburg. I am learning about the wars and unrest of the times!

  3. My first memory of Finland was from tv, the Norwegian Broadcasting Company would send Finnish Tv-theater, which was very depressing...always something dark and gloomy. Then later on came Arja Saijonma, and Finland brightened up a lot! Finland is still a mystery though, a part of the Nordic countries, but still very different. Or maybe that's just me...
    I enjoy your blog a lot!

    Happy Independence Day!

  4. Happy Independance Day to you!
    I have read a little about the history of Finland and it seems to me that although you have much to be thankful for, you havenot got so much to be joyful about...historically speaking- too close to Russia for one thing...historically speaking.

  5. Happy Independence day Ulla.. Yes I know how important this day are to you , In the same way norwegiam Independence is important to me. Congrats on your and Finland Day Ulla.
    And I must say I had this wonderful suprise in my mailbox yesterday, a lovely package from you ;-)
    Hmm I did not expect this and it was very nice of you to send so many great things. The littel bag made with fabrics you got from me earlier is so wonderful and in my favorite colours. A beautiful timbel and lovely pepperminttablets.
    I will go and post about the gift now. Thank you so much Ulla and I am so sorry , I have only sent you a Christmascard. I must think of something sweet to you too ;-))

  6. LOL I can imagine. Mr Jellybean leaves the room when daughter and i watch things like Project Runway and America's Next Top Model.

    We celebrated the night of the 6th St Nick's Night with waking up to chocolate coins and a chocolate Santa each- a Hungarian tradition from our overnight guests that we were very happy to share.


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