Wednesday 16 December 2009

Tonttu Needed!

What do you think of my sewing room? Do I need a tonttu or some English speaking elves here to help me clear this mess for Christmas?


I have the perfect answer for this from a lady from a women's assosiation: "Yes, if you are going to spend your Christmas there!" She actually said that about cleanig all cupboards for Christmas, but I think it goes for sewing rooms as well. Now you can all feel so pleased with yourselves, because there is someone whose house is messier that your worst closet. (Or teenager's bedroom.) The rest of my house is not this bad, it is pretty good. This will be dealt with when there is less stress. Stressed mothers are no good.


  1. LOL I think I know what I would do with the lady who suggested clearing out cupboards for Christmas. :-)There are far more fun things to do and make. The clear up can wait for Spring when I'm sure elves will be in abundance and looking for things to do.

  2. I agree with Melanie! Deep cleaning BEFORE Christmas??? I'm keeping my messes hidden for now...they'll be dealth with in the New Year and I'm sure there will be lots to donate.

  3. Hmmmmm are all those bags full of fabric?? Doesn't look messy to me...just interesting...VERY interesting!
    Paulette ;o)

  4. Well I thought I was supposed to be your tonttu! After Christmas sounds just fine to me, though. Maybe I can help with the pre-Christmas stress in some other way?

  5. Feeling partly responsible for the so called mess as you have been kind enough to take some of my extras in those bags from my hands, I promise, - as my X-mas gift to you,one afternoon of help in your workroom, but ONLY AFTER CHRISTMAS ;->


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